the CARNIVAL Football Table

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CARNIVAL Football Table

Full-size professional table in red finish.  Chrome plated, heavy duty, fast action, solid steel through poles.  Glass playing surface and easily detachable legs. Indestructible red & blue players and scorers.  V-feet players provide superior grip and ball control.  Optional extra: coin-operation.

Top quality Italian manufacturing by FAS.

RRP £699

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The Carnival Football Table is a full-size professional table complete with a red finish. The silver legs are easily detachable for storage, and the solid poles are heavy-duty, made from solid steel and chrome plated. The red and blue players have V-feet to provide superior grip and ball control, and play on a glass playing surface.

If you are searching for a full-size football table for your business, you can choose to have this table coin-operated.


Width: 77cm

Height: 90cm

Weight: 74kg

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