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RAINBOW Outdoor Football Table

Unique all-weather waterproof full-size outdoor table for adult use in mint green / silver finish.  Impact resistant toughened glass top, optional coin-mechanism and hinged lid for extra storage capacity inside. Stainless steel bolts, zinc coated and resin treated legs and corners, furnace toughened glass playing field, specially treated wooden framework, telescopic poles and easily detachable legs.

The Rainbow Outdoor Football table can have a coin-mechanisam (£) for venues to gain from the usage - upcharge of £95 on the RRP.

RRP £999

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If you enjoy a game of table football outdoors, then this waterproof football table is just what you need. The table is durable enough to withstand all outdoor weather conditions, and features an impact-resistant furnace toughened glass playing field, stainless steel bolts, specially treated wooden framework and zinc coated and resin treated legs and corners.

In a fresh colour combination of mint green and silver, this modern outdoor football table will look great in any garden, patio or even indoors should you use. If you are looking to buy an outdoor football table for your business, you can have a coin-mechanism installed for coin-operated play. The hinged lid opens easily to access the storage inside where you can keep a large cashbox.


Width: 77cm

Height: 90cm

Weight: 85kg

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