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Cornilleau Lifestyle Outdoor Table

Cornilleau Lifestyle Outdoor Table - available in black or white

Unique design which combines the game of table tennis with elegance and style, without compromising on playing quality. This is a table that blends beautiful furniture with table tennis through the use of superior materials, an iconic design and an excellent finish.

Good to know: If you prefer a more traditional net and post set, the Cornilleau ITTF Competition Net & Post set will suit your table perfectly.


PLAYING SURFACE: 6mm resin laminate



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Plastic Parts Colour: Black OR White

Frame Height: 38mm

Leg: Moabi wood / vanished with 3D adjustable leg pad 

Net Type: Black OR White painted metal / Removable and storable

Class: EN 14468 - Class C

Approval: FFTT leisure

Open Table Size: L 274cm x W 167cm x H 76cm (excluding net)

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