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Second Hand Snooker Tables

Please Note: While we offer refurbished second hand snooker tables here at Snooker and Pool Table Company, we are unable to buy or accept tables from our customers. (Part exchange against new snooker or pool tables may be available at our discretion. Get in touch or call us on 01268 777293 to find out more.)

As well as our handmade bespoke snooker tables, we are also proud sellers of approved, refurbished second-hand snooker tables. We take pride in our restoration processes, ensuring that each second hand snooker table is carefully refurbished and restored to the highest standard, whether that's a simple recover or a full repair and repolish to look like new. Even our second hand, refurbished snooker tables can be customised to suit your home and style through re-covering and in some cases, re-polishing. Take a look at the available second hand snooker tables, below.

Don't see any tables? We might not have any available! Why not take a look at our brand new bespoke snooker tables, for a truly unique piece designed to your ideal specifications?

Custom-Refurbished Snooker Tables

Our second hand snooker tables are all carefully refurbished and restored to meet our high standards before being available to you. We stock a range of different standard sizes, anywhere from 6ft to 12ft though availability may differ at any time. With our recovered second hand snooker tables, we take care to ensure we only offer the highest quality second hand snooker tables that have everything you'd expect from a table within a game. Everything from the playing surface and design material to the shape of the pockets are crafted are all delicately recovered and refurbished to perfect your game and bring tables back to life to offer you a long-standing table that you can cherish.

Got A Question About Our Snooker Tables?

Can You Buy My Snooker Table?

We are unable to take any snooker tables from the public at this time. The tables we refurbish are usually obtained via part exchange, when a client will part exchange their existing table for a brand new one crafted by our expert team. We cannot take tables in other circumstances.

Can I Customise My Second-Hand Snooker Table?

At Snooker and Pool Table Company, we pride ourselves not only on the craftsmanship of our bespokely made tables, but also on our care and attention to detail when it comes to recovering and refurbishing existing snooker tables. If you're looking to buy one of our second hand snooker tables, you have the option to customise the coverings and wood stails and polishes to get the final look that will suit your home and personal style best.

How Much Does A Refurbished Snooker Table Cost?

The cost of our second hand snooker tables will vary depending on the style, size and finish of the table, as well as any work required. You can find the prices for each product listed within the details, as well as the work that is or has been required to refurbish the table. 


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