Our History

Our History

Founded in 1978, Snooker and Pool Table Company have been proudly offering bespoke-made snooker and pool tables in the UK for over 40 years. At our heart, we are a passionate, independent and family-run business and are proud to provide unique tables crafted by our team right here at our facility in Essex. Using tried and tested methods that have been utilised for hundreds of years by fellow experts and craftsmen, our experienced personnel are proud to work on unique pool table ideas within our company and the place we’ve carved out for ourselves in the industry over our successful history. 

Snooker And Pool Table Company has been run by the Andrews family since the 70s and despite name changes and technological updates, we are the same down-to-earth, humble and expert business we always have been. Formerly known as Snooker Sports (Manufacturing) Ltd, the business was first established back in 1978 by Peter and Marian Andrews. The purpose of the company was to provide bespoke made snooker and pool tables that could suit any style, and we’ve carried that particular goal and ethos through with us to the modern day. Now owned by the Darren and Tracey Andrews, the company made the switch to Snooker and Pool Table Company in order to modernise the business and bring it into a digital and internet-friendly age. 

Despite the changing digital landscape and a new website to suit the new branding, Snooker and Pool Table Company were still proud to provide a traditional and reliable service to local and international customers. Our bespoke snooker and pool tables are still manufactured right here at our factory in Rayleigh, Essex, by our experienced and expert craftsmen, with innovative snooker table ideas and pool table designs crafted in traditional and proven ways. Even our fitters work with care and pride to provide you with the perfect pool table for you and your family to enjoy.

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