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Indoor Table Football Tables

We supply a number of table football tables ranging in price from £99 all the way up to our high end luxury football tables at £999. We take pride in the quality of even our most affordable of tables, so you can rest assured that you will be extremely pleased with your purchase no matter which table football table you choose.

Table football also goes by the name of foosball, due to the name given to the mounted "football player" figures known as foosmen. Opposing sides of a game of table football will control four rows of foosmen by pulling, pushing and twisting the horizontal metal bars to kick around the small ball on the table with the aim of scoring a goal, as a team would in association football.

Foosball is a popular game with people of all ages and can be enjoyed just as much at a pub, arcade or school as it can in the comfort of your own home with friends and family. Table football is seen as one of the essential gaming components of any games room, providing hours of fun for football fans and non football fans alike.

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