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When looking for a American Pool Table to buy online, a pool table by Olhausen is the highest quality brand you could pick. As the Official UK distributor of America's finest pool brand, you can be certain to make a right choice with us.

At Snooker and Pool Table Company, we understand that all properties vary in their styles and decor and so whether you're after something a bit contemporary, traditional or hit with a modern American style - we're happy to be able to offer a wide range of American Pool Tables. We too understand that sometimes even with an array of pool tables available for choosing, that something more custom may be to your liking: with that, we're happy to be able to offer more bespoke American Olhausen Pool Tables tailored to your specifications, with the right material cloth and build finishes to an exceptionally high standard that you'll be impressed with.

When buying a table for home use to best fit you, the most popular American Pool Table size is one sized 8ft x 4ft with standard 58" pool cues, though 9ft is the official size used when playing professional USA Pool. Full size American Pool Tables are best characterised by their larger playing surfaces and pockets, rather than their smaller counterparts used around the world in places such as the UK. These pool tables also use larger pool balls sized of around 2" or more and tend to utilise a speed cloth rather than a napped cloth upon creation.

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Olhausen Pool Tables have over the years earnt their stripes as "The Best in Billiards" through the manufacturing of beautifully crafted American Pool Tables in the USA since 1972. The founding family, the Olhausen's have successfully sold pool tables crafted by them to various celebrities and moguls, with aplenty of their creations having been featured on TV shows and as the official table for Billiards World Tournaments. Now you can join in the fun - with your very own Olhausen Pool Table for your home, business or property.

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