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American Pool Tables

Our collection of American Pool tables is the epitome of class, offering professional play right in your home, office or other property. We craft unique American Spec pool tables right here at our workshop in the South East, whilst also stocking some of the most truly unique and sophisitcated designs by USA pool giant, Olhausen Billiards. With easy ordering, bespoke quoting and installation included country-wide, owning an American table is as simple as getting in touch.

The Best of the USA With Our American Spec Pool Tables

We are proud to offer professionally made American style pool tables for sale right here in the UK. We are proud to craft our own USA-spec tables according to your requirements, and are also the sole stockist of Olhausen Billiards tables here in the UK, with each table designed to offer the American pool experience right from your household, office or public space. Whether you’re looking for a traditional American-style pool table or a more modern alternative, our range of tables cater for every taste and preference that you might have.

When buying an American pool table for your home or office, you need to choose the best fit for your space. While the standard American Pool Table size is 8ft x 4ft with 58" pool cues, and 9ft is the official size used when playing professional USA Pool, we are able to provide you with a range of sizes to suit you, your preferences and the space that you have available.
Full-size American Pool Tables are best characterised by their larger playing surfaces and pockets, however their smaller counterparts are commonly used around the world including in the UK, designed to suit most households or smaller properties. Full-size pool tables also use larger pool balls, usually around 2¼" or more and tend to utilise a speed cloth rather than a napped cloth upon creation.

Whatever your preference, our custom-made American spec tables are can be tailored to suit you. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more about our handmade tables, or browse our range of Olhausen tables, here.

Olhausen Pool Tables in the UK

Olhausen Pool Tables have certainly earned their stripes as "The Best in Billiards" through the manufacturing of beautifully crafted American Pool Tables in the USA since 1972. The founding family, the Olhausen's have successfully sold their self-crafted American-style pool tables to various celebrities and moguls, with plenty of their creations having been featured on TV shows and as the official table for Billiards World Tournaments. Now you can join in the fun - with your very own Olhausen Pool Table for your home, business or property.

Why Olhausen American Pool Tables? Olhausen Billiards’ American Pool Tables are created with luxury and quality in mind, carefully crafted from the highest-quality materials and designed to offer some of the most unique and stylish pool tables available on the market today. Olhausen Pool Tables offer:

  • PREMIUM SLATE - The world’s finest slate is diamond honed to create the perfect playing surface. Each piece of slate is rechecked at the Olhausen factory for flatness and proper bolt-hole locations.
  • SLATE LINER - Framing the slate ensures quieter play and reduces the stress on the slate. Allows a tighter, faster, professional cloth installation. Olhausen bolt through the slate liner to eliminate vibration that can cause the rail bolts to loosen.
  • ACCU-FAST CUSHIONS - Not all 100% pure rubber cushions are created equal. Cheap fillers have been used in American pool table cushions for years. However, more and more American pool table manufactures are following Olhausen’s lead and making cushions from 100% pure gum rubber. But why settle for an imitation when you can have the cushion that has set the standard for accurate.
  • PREMIUM WOOD - Olhausen purchases most of its lumber from the Northeastern US where “slow-growth” trees have tighter grains Tighter grains mean minimal discoloring It’s simple: Better wood makes for a better pool table.

Got A Question About Our American Pool Tables?

How Do I Order An American Pool Table?

To order an American Pool Table either custom-made or from our Olhausen stock, the process is very similar to any of our other tables. You can choose to give us a call, submit an enquiry through our website or send us an email, and we will put together a personalised quote for any of the American pool table designs you have your eye on. We can also provide any advice, additional information or help you pick the right table for you and your space.

Who Are Olhausen Billiards?

Olhausen Billiards are a manufacturer of professional-quality American pool tables in the United States, who’s global reputation has given them a much-deserved position as a leader in their industry. Crafted from the world’s finest materials, owners of an Olhausen pool table are treated to premium, diamond-honed slate, slow-grown lumber and Accu-Fast cushions for a smoooth, professional play. We are proud to be the sole trusted supplier of Olhausen Billiard’s pool tables here in the UK, with stock shipped to us directly from the USA. To find out what we have in stock and how to get your hands on one of these premium American pool tables, get in touch with a member of our team via our form or on 01268 777293 today.

What Is An American Pool Table?

American pool tables are based largely off of the billiards tables in the US in the 1700-1800s. These tables were largely played in the traditional English style, until an Irish immigrant by the name of Michael Phelen created a new set of rules and behaviours that would ultimately become the American version of the game. Today, American tables tend to be larger, with 9ft tables being typically used professionally, with the billiards balls also being slightly larger, at 57mm. Find out more about the difference between English and American pool tables in our handy guide.

Are Your American Pool Tables Authentic?

As the sole trusted and official supplier of Olhausen Billiards tables here in the UK, we are proud to offer authentically American pool tables to our customers. Designed and crafted in the USA by family business Olhausen Billiards using decades of experience, the American pool tables we provide are as authentic as they come! Our American style tables hand crafted by our team are also designed with that authentic style in mind, ensuring we keep to the right specs and sizing, play style and more.

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