Our Team

Our Team

Here at Snooker and Pool Table Company, we work together day in and day out, using each of our expert skills to not only produce bespoke snooker and pool tables, but to do everything from creating new designs, communicating with customers, installing tables worldwide and keeping our long-standing company moving forward.

Meet Our Team


Boss and Company Director

Darren is the master of his own destiny, proving his expertise and passion for the business time and time again. His innovative ideas and driven aspirations have propelled the company forward into the modern age and are the key to the current and future success of Snooker and Pool Table Company. 


Company Director

Tracey is the backbone of the business and the heart and soul of our customer service. Dealing with all of the administrative and clerical needs of the firm, we couldn’t operate without her. She keeps the business in check and ensures the smooth running of our office here in Essex.



Polisher, Craftsman

John is a valued member of the Snooker and Pool Table team and our resident expert for polishing and spraying. Over the years, John has perfected our different finishes and is the magic behind the smooth and seamless polishes and sprays available on our snooker and pool tables.


Machinist, Craftsman

Dave is an integral part of our team and one of the experts behind the quality and durability of our tables. He is our skilled wood machinist, who pays special attention to every little detail of each and every table, providing you with the quality and expertise you can always expect from us. 


Installer, Craftsman

Mark is our righthand man and an essential part of the Snooker and Pool Table team. As our professional installer and craftsman, Mark offers not only a seamless service every time, but his wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry is unmatched. 


Apprentice, Craftsman

The new generation bringing inspired ideas to the table, we are proud to have Sam on the team, learning all of the aspects that go into not only how the company works and the ins and outs of crafting our tables but of the world of snooker and pool in general.





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