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Luxury Snooker Tables

Our range of luxury snooker tables are designed and hand crafted right here in the UK with luxury, quality and professional snooker in mind. Whatever your snooker tables ideas, we use our expertise, experience and skill to help bring these ideas to life. From modern tables that excite, to traditional tables for a nostalgic game, we craft your home or professional snooker tables with care, precision and your unique requirements in mind. Take a look at our snooker table ideas and designs, below.

Hand-Crafted Snooker Tables You Can Trust

Here at Snooker and Pool Table Company, we are proud to be expert crafters of the most luxurious and reliable bespoke snooker tables here in the UK. Utilising proven and trusted techniques that have been used for hundreds of years, we carefully craft each and every one of our snooker table ideas in our workshop in the South-East. Each table we produce is made with care and attention to detail through methods passed down through the generations, ensuring you can rely on the longevity, durability and luxury of your table. From modern snooker tables, to traditional snooker table styles that perfectly capture the nostalgia of the much-loved game, we bring your snooker table ideas and requirements to life, ensuring that suit you and your home best.

While we traditionally craft our snooker tables to standard sizes, we can produce custom snooker tables in 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft or 12ft sizes. The bespoke nature of our tables means that you can choose the right size for your space, according to the table, length of cue and more. We work hard to not only calculate the right sizes for your space, but we also put just as much care and attention to detail into every snooker table we make, giving you a luxurious, professional finish every time. Everything from the playing surface and design material, to the shape of the pockets are all delicately designed and produced to perfect your game.

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Our Snooker Tables

We craft a range of different snooker tables here at Snooker and Pool Table Company, ranging from modern tables, to traditional and even snooker dining tables and previously-owned snooker tables. The full range includes:

  • Bespoke Modern Snooker Tables - Our modern snooker tables are manufactured in solid European oak and made to each customers' specification, making each model unique to the individual. We are proud to offer a truly bespoke line of modern snooker tables crafted specifically for every unique customer.
  • Bespoke Traditional Snooker Tables - Traditional snooker tables are the cornerstone of the game, the base from which snooker as we know it was built. Our charming, time-honoured traditional snooker tables are manufactured in solid wood and made to each customers' unique design specification to ensure no snooker table is ever the same.
  • Snooker Dining Tables - If you're looking for a space-saver or a sneaky snooker session, our snooker dining tables can be the perfect table for the game. With a snooker dining table, you don't have to make room for both your games table and your dining table - these convenient snooked dining tables do both. 
  • Second Hand Snooker Table - We pride ourselves in restoring second hand snooker tables to the highest standard, offering good-as-new condition with that pre-loved touch. With a previously owned snooker table, we can fully re-polish or recover according to your design desires, to leave it looking just like new.
  • Timber Bed Snooker Tables - Timber bed snooker tables are some of the most distinctive products we offer and we are proud to be one of the few UK manufacturers of such tables. If you want to play snooker, but are not sure if you have the space within your home, this table may just be the perfect one for you. Fold away when not in play.

Got A Question About Our Snooker Tables?

I'm Looking For Snooker Table Ideas, Can You Help?

The nature of our business is simple - we take your unique requirements and needs and help you design a table that fits your home or venue best. For snooker table ideas, we encourage you to take a look through our range as a starting point, or get in touch with our expert team. We can take you through every customisable option on our tables, from sizes, cloth colours, wood finish, leg shape and more.

How Much Does A Snooker Table Cost?

The cost of our snooker tables will differ depending on what you're looking for from your new table. Different features and materials may come at different costs, but we are happy to discuss this with you as part of the free, no-obligation quotation process. For accurate snooker table costs, get in touch with our team, today.

How Big Is A Snooker Table?

Our snooker tables are made bespokely, meaning the size will ultimately depend on your preferences. As standard, we typically make 6 foot snooker tables, 7 foot snooker tables, 8 foot snooker tables, 9 foot snooker tables, 10 foot snooker tables, and the official professional size - 12 foot snooker tables. For more information about the sizes we offer and the room you will need to comfortably play on one, take a look at our room size guide.

How Can I Buy A Snooker Table?

To buy a snooker table from us, the process is simple - all you need to do is decide what you want, get in touch, and we'll provide you with a quote for your specific, bespoke table. We can also provide expert advice and guidance prior to offering a quote if you aren't sure where to begin

We hope you'll be able to find your perfect snooker table for sale here with us at Snooker and Pool Table Company. If you need any help or advice, be sure to call us on 01268 777293 or email us at info@snookerandpooltablecompany.com and we'll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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