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Luxury Snooker Tables

Choose from our wide range of luxury snooker tables, manufactured right here in the UK at our factory and tailored to your own unique specifications. Our bespoke custom snooker tables are available in a variety of styles, colours, designs and more, all dependant on your requirements or desires. If you're looking for a bespoke modern snooker table, or something more traditional, we'll be happy to cater to any need. We currently craft a whole array of exclusive snooker table ranges, from our Royal Tables, to our Royal Executive and Connoisseur / Connoisseur Special Snooker Table range and each are made right here in the UK in out very own factory.

Our bespoke snooker tables are crafted right here in the UK in the sizes you'd expect a common snooker table to be, but we do stock tables anywhere from 6ft to 12ft, depending on the availability of room you may have. We work hard to provide you with a perfectly crafted snooker table that suits your needs and provides everything you'd expect from a luxury snooker table. Everything from the playing surface and design material to the shape of the pockets are all delicately designed to perfect your game.

We've been manufacturing bespoke snooker tables for over three decades, offering full crafting, delivery and expert installation throughout the UK and worldwide. If you're looking for more than just a snooker table, we can supply the ideas and products for your whole fitting. For something distinct and custom to your taste, we are here to help. 

Bespoke Modern Snooker Tables

Our modern snooker tables are manufactured in solid wood and made to each customers' specification, making each model unique to the individual. We understand how important a 'modern' design can be in ensuring the aesthetic of a room is not only matched, but enhanced and as a result, we are proud to offer a truly bespoke line of snooker tables crafted specifically for every customer. Even our previously owned snooker tables hold a level of class and character that cant be beaten.

Bespoke Traditional Snooker Tables

Traditional snooker tables are the cornerstone of the game, the base from which snooker as we know it was build. We've delicately crafted some of the finest traditional snooker tables perfect for any setting in your home. Our charming, time-honoured traditional snooker tables are manufactured in solid wood and made to each customers' unique design specification to ensure no snooker table is ever the same.

Snooker Dining Tables

If you're looking for a space-saver or a sneaky snooker session, our snooker dining tables can be the perfect table for the game. With a snooker dining table, you don't have to try and make room for both your games table and your dining table, but only require one table. Convenient. Be sure to explore our fabulous range of designs, in a variety of sizes.

Second Hand Snooker Tables

We pride ourselves in restoring second hand snooker tables to the highest standard, offering good-as-new condition with that pre-loved touch. With a previously owned snooker table, we can fully re-polish or recover to leave it looking just like new.

Timber Bed Snooker Tables

Timber bed snooker tables are some of the most distinctive products we offer and we are proud to be one of the few UK manufacturers of such table. If you want to play snooker, but are not sure if you have the space within your home, this table may just be the perfect one for you. Fold away when not in play.


Our Showroom

We have a location based in Rayleigh, Essex that you're able to visit to view a variety of products we have on display, or to talk to us about your perfect snooker table. If you'd like to make a visit, be sure to contact us.


With most deliveries, we're able to personally deliver your snooker table to your destined location in our own vehicles. We also offer worldwide freighted deliveries, in which our highly skilled and professional fitter will be flown out to install your order.

Useful Information

Snooker Table Size Guide - It's important you get the size right when buying a snooker table, luckily we've put together a room size guide for you to explore the various snooker table sizes and the minimum room dimensions you'll need.

Cloth Options - We offer only the best cloth options for your table to ensure combined durability and playability. Available in a variety of colours and tones, as well as custom table cloth. 

We hope you'll be able to find your perfect snooker table with us. If you need any help or advice, be sure to call us on 01268 777293 or email us at info@snookerandpooltablecompany.com and we'll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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