Made In Britain: An Insight Into Our Bespoke Pool Tables

As part of ITV’s latest season of Made in Britain, we are proud to have been featured in Episode 3, showcasing everything from how we got started as a business, through the journey of crafting, manufacturing and finishing one of our bespoke pool tables

You can watch the full episode on ITV’s player.

One of the first things we shared for the program was the leg-making process. This included everything from crafting the initial block, to using the lathe to create the unique and personalised shapes each table has. We take pride in the woodworking required to create these bespoke and high-quality table legs, and were thrilled to be able to showcase just how much work, care and attention to detail goes into each and every one.

Next, we offered insight into how we produce the frame and cushion rails, starting from timber all the way through to finishing and completion. We take care to cut perfect angles on each piece to ensure they fix together in a perfect rectangular shape, as well as cutting special holes and spaces for the fixings to ensure they are well hidden, offering a smooth and uninterrupted finish.

When it comes to cutting out the pockets, we take particular care to ensure that every single pocket on every single table we produce is perfectly cut. This ensures that we stick to all legislations for your pool table and that the gameplay is the absolute best that it can be. 

Following the cutting and connection of each piece of timber, we spend time and care to stain, polish and lacquer all of the pieces perfectly to not only create the shade that you desire, but to ensure that it is resistant to fading or wear.

Back to the cushion rails, we apply a specialised adhesive to the cushion rails specifically designed to attach the rubber to each piece securely. The strength ensures that your table’s cushion rails will last a lifetime.

We cover the cushion rails with the felt of your choice, depending on your requirements and preferences when you place your order. We use napped cloth, taking specialist care to ensure that the nap flows down the table both on the cushion rails, and on the main surface of the table. The cloth is applied tightly and securely to encourage a better gameplay and a better overall finish.

Next up is assembly of the frame and the cushion rails, including the pockets. We use string pockets currently manufactured by a third party but previously, we have been proud to use pocket nets crafted by hand in-house.

One of the final stages of crafting our pool tables comes in the form of the slate. We use some of the highest quality slate around, pre-milled to perfection before it arrives at our workshop to be covered perfectly. We keep the cloth’s nap in line with the cushion rails to ensure smooth play, and take care to keep the cloth perfectly taut across the whole table.

Once the cloth is securely stapled to the slate rather than glued, we use a professional standard billiards table iron to smooth out any remaining creases and finalise that smooth, uninterrupted playing surface. We use this professional level iron to ensure the best finish possible for the material that we use.

Once the table has been put together, we continue our service all the way through to the final stages at the customer's home or property. We will deliver and assemble the table for you in the room that you desire, positioning it perfectly so you can get to playing as soon as possible.

We are proud to be a British company offering bespokely made snooker and pool tables to our customers, with care and expertise considered at every stage of the process. Watch the full programme to find out more about our process and to get an insight into just how your pool tables are made here at Snooker and Pool Table Company. You can also get in touch with our team to find out more, or take a browse through our range for pool table ideas for your own home!

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