our collection of custom handmade Snooker Dining Tables

Snooker Dining Tables

Our bepoke Snooker Dining Tables are a stylish space-saving entertainment option for any home. Take a look at our range below for inspiration and get in touch for your very own unique, no-obligation quote for your perfect snooker dining table!

Explore our variety of Snooker Dining Tables from our fabulous range of designs crafted right here in the UK. You can enjoy a game of snooker in the comfort of your dining room with a convertible snooker dining table, crafted by expert craftsmen in the configuration and designs that suit you and your home best. Each table discreetly hides the table bed, cushions and pockets underneath a removable tabletop that utilises our very own rise and fall system for a smooth, reliable and stress-free conversion. Enjoy the best of both worlds with our range of bespoke snooker dining tables, below.

Snooker Dining Tables

Snooker Dining Tables are the perfect solution for those who want to play snooker at home but can't spare the room for an full size snooker table. Our Snooker dining tables are designed to offer the best of both worlds, offering you a full playable table hidden discreetly underneath a dining top surface! Our snooker dining tables look exactly like a regular dining table - if you don't tell anyone, we're sure they won't even know!

Each snooker dining table within our collection is custom-made to your bespoke specifications right here at our workshop in the UK, so that you can enjoy your table with the knowledge that everything is hand crafted from UK-sourced materials and to your exact specifications. Each table is manufactured in a variety of sizes with premier European oak timbers and fitted with a rise and fall mechanism we design and make ourselves that can be adjusted to the correct playing height when you remove the cover to play a game of snooker. 

Got A Question About Our Snooker Tables?

How Much Does A Snooker Dining Table Cost?

Snooker dining tables may vary in price according to a few different factors, including size, material, features and finishes. We will provide you with a bespoke, no-obligation quote according to the specifications you provide us with to give you a clearer idea of the expected price of your customised snooker dining table.

How Do Snooker Dining Tables Work?

Snooker dining tables are simple to use and an easy addition to any dining room. The table will be assembled by our team in your room of choice and use of the table following this is simple. Each snooker dining table comes with a solid wood top slots over the top of the playing area, and can be removed easily when you're looking to play a game. You can even pause mid-game to eat by popping the top back onto your table, then removing it following your meal and resume play.

Can I Customise My Snooker Dining Table?

Yes, you can! All of our snooker dining tables are custom made, designed with your specifications and desires in mind. You can choose from a range of different designs, materials, baize colours, finishes and accents to ensure you are as in love with your new table as we are with making them.


We hope you'll be able to find your perfect snooker dining table with us. If you need any help or advice, be sure to call us on 01268 777293 or email us at info@snookerandpooltablecompany.com and we'll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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