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Snooker Dining Tables

You can enjoy a game of snooker in the comfort of your dining room with a convertible snooker dining table, which discreetly hides the play field, pockets, bumpers, etc. underneath a removable tabletop when it's needed as a dining table.

They are the perfect solution for people who want to play snooker at home but can't spare the room for an independent snooker table, as well as a separate dining table.

Each snooker dining table within our collection can be custom-made to your bespoke specifications so that you can enjoy their combined benefits the way you would want them. Each table is manufactured in a variety of sizes with premier oak timbers and fitted with a rise and fall mechanism that can be adjusted to the correct playing height when you remove the cover to play a game of snooker.

Browse through our range of snooker dining table designs below and check out our snooker table room size guide to find out what sizes are recommended for your dining room's dimensions.

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