our 7ft Snooker Dining Table with Blue Cloth

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Made in the UK

7ft Oak Snooker Dining Table

This bespoke 7ft snooker dining table in oak is designed with a rise and fall system to provide the optimum table height for a snooker game.

Each table is accompanied with the following accessories:

  • 2" snooker balls
  • matching 2 man scoreboard & triangle
  • 2 ash wood cues (in your choice of size)
  • snooker table protector
  • brush & chalk

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The playing area is upholstered in an attractive powder blue snooker cloth and perfectly complemented with natural leather pockets.

Handmade from European oak, this square-legged table (with no centre flutes) is completed in an oiled finish. The same decoration is applied to its veneered oak tabletop cover, which is available in up to three dividing parts or as a whole piece.

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