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Published on 10th July 2024
by Robyn
Since their creation, pool tables have always been a beloved fixture in the game rooms, bars and homes that they reside in across the world. From the billiards-style tables from the early era, to the modern, customisable options we offer today, the world of pool tables and their designs have seen so…
Published on 17th June 2024
by Robyn
In the realm of leisure and entertainment, the psychology behind gaming and how it affects us is truly fascinating. From the adrenaline rush of competition to the social connections forged over a friendly match, gaming activities have a profound impact on our emotions, behaviours, and overall well-b…
Published on 15th May 2024
by Robyn
In the realm of family heirlooms, certain items hold more than just material value; they encapsulate memories, traditions, and the essence of familial bonds to name just a few. While jewellery, antique furniture, and photographs often steal the spotlight, there's another treasure that's gaining reco…
Published on 19th April 2024
by Robyn
In the realm of cue sports, two games stand out prominently: snooker and pool. Both have captivated enthusiasts worldwide, offering unique challenges and moments of precision and strategy. Whether you're a seasoned player or a curious novice, the choice between snooker and pool can be an overwhelmin…
Published on 22nd March 2024
by Robyn
Personalisation isn't just about slapping a logo or a name onto your pool table. It's about weaving your individuality into every aspect of the design, from the choice of materials to the smallest details of the finish. Here, we explore the art of incorporating personalisation into your custom-made …
Published on 13th February 2024
by Robyn
From classic designs to modern customisations, the journey of pool tables reflects not only advancements in technology and craftsmanship but also changes in social trends and aesthetics. Here at Snooker and Pool Table Company, we are avid followers of the changing trends, offering pool tables that a…