a choice of Coin Operated Pool Tables

Freeplay & Coin-Operated Pool Tables

Coin-operated pool tables that are suitable for both home and commercial use and can be either freeplay or used as a coin-operated pool table. These pool tables are built with a choice of mechanism options which typically include mechanical or freeplay.

Whether you're looking for freeplay or coin-operated pool tables for pubs, arcades, bars or any other establishment, you can select the style of table to suit your venue and choose between the mechanical or freeplay mechanism options. Each table can be custom-built to your bespoke specification, with your choice in cloth and cabinet.

Coin-Operated Pool Tables for Pubs 

Coin operated pool tables charge the player before releasing the balls. You can find coin-operated pool tables in pubs, bars and arcades across the UK - they will usually require a prepayment to cover a duration of time to play pool, or a coin paid directly into the pay-per-play pool table to cover a single game of pool, in which the balls are not returned unless you insert a coin again. A coin-operated pool table in your pub or commercial venue will provide a long term return on your investment.

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